Munich, Wilpoldsried, and Neuschwanstein Castle

I flew to Munich from Berlin on June 14th, and had a fantastic afternoon sightseeing. I started in Marienplatz, the heart of the city, home to the New Town Hall, the column of Saint Mary, the Old Town Hall, and the Old Peter Bell Tower.

I started with the Old Peter Bell tower, climbing the 306 stairs to the top of the tower, for some great views of the city.

From Marienplatz, I walked past the National Theatre, and Odeonplatz, to the English Garden.

After watching the glockenspiel show at Marienplatz, I took a train south to the energy town of Wilpoldsried. Wilpoldsried is a small town in the southern German countryside that generates through renewables eight times as much energy as it consumes, and sells the rest back to the state. With the profits, they’ve built a school, a gym, and a library.

I took a hike up to the old fort, which was part of the town of Kempten, the oldest urban settlement in Germany.

From there, I headed to Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disney’s castle. I did not have time to hike up to the caslte, but hear it is beautiful from up close, and that there is a nice waterfall behind the castle.

I then returned to Munich, where I had a nice beer at the Chinese Tower beergarten, and returned to a few sights I’d seen on Wednesday. After making the rounds, I flew back to Berlin. The trip was a delightful excursion, and I recommend all the mentioned sights to anyone interested in seeing some of southern Germany.

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